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1) There are still a few spaces open on our September Wine & Food tour in Umbria. Please think about joining us as this is a wonderful time of the year to experience the Italian countryside. And we are offering a $500 discount for registrations by June 15th! Call now for this amazing offer: 760.470.8852

2) 2015 tours feature several trips exclusively for women. Wellness tour with Dr. Diana Hoppe; Women in Transition with Marybeth Gregg; Soul Collage and Tarot with Jeanette Reynolds; Yoga with Tia Lanzetta. We love men, too, and men are welcome to join us, however, “girls just want to have fun!”

Recipe Secrets!

1) An old Italian soup secret: Buy a large hunk of Parmesan cheese and trim the rind off. After setting your soup in motion, while it is simmering and collecting the wonderful flavors of its contents, place the rind in the pot for the next couple of hours. Once the soup is finished remove the rind, let it cool and place it in a freezer bag, freeze until you create your next soup. There are enzymes in the rind that bring out special flavors. Yes, it will be a bit melted but stays intact especially once the soup cools down. Try it; you will be amazed at the enhanced flavors in the soup!
2) The best gelato I ever had was in Tio Leo’s Trattoria in Lucca. Lemon sorbet with fresh sage leaves blended in. OMG, the best way to end a great meal.
Ciao, Cheryl