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There are a multitude of websites to help travelers find the best prices for air travel, lodging and guided tours.  Here is one of our favorites with a tip for creating a travel route designed by the traveler.  I have also found that on some airlines such as American Airlines, that I can book my frequent flyer miles as one way routes to Italy saving up to half off  on the miles I use.  That means traveling twice as much as if I used them on a round-trip fare!  Below is an excerpt from one of the email alerts I received this week.

Wake up & smell the cappuccino!

Wake up & smell the cappuccino!

“Last minute weekend fares are often great deals, but most people don’t realize that they can construct itineraries by combining two of these fares. For example, let’s say you want to fly from Boston to San Antonio next weekend, but there are no Boston/San Antonio deals. However, if there’s a Boston to Atlanta fare for $128 round-trip, and an Atlanta to San Antonio fare for $108 round-trip, then there is indeed a Boston/San Antonio fare as well—just buy two separate fares. You can even combine such fares on two different airlines, but make sure you leave enough time in between connecting flights in case there’s a delay.”


You can set up your email to receive alerts for specific destinations so you aren’t spending inordinate amounts of time on the computer.  Other tips you will receive are the best days and times to book online with an airline.  This information is available free of charge on most websites like airfare so check it out! wants you to have the best travel experience with the least amount of stress.