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These are interesting, yet uncertain times in the World.  If one follows the news it is evident that there are places around the globe that are less safe.  We have found that traveling in Italy and some other parts of western Europe feel safe and protected.  And one of our missions for small group tours has always been to promote inter-cultural experiences, which we strongly believe promotes peace.

Having said all of this we are certainly aware that no one is immune to unsafe conditions.  It is important to take stock of one’s own priorities and looking within, determine if travel still feels comfortable for you, the traveler.  For the past two decades when we have traveled in and out of Italian airports we have noted the high levels of security.  There have always been more checkpoints and questions from Italian authorities than in other countries, including the United States.  That may be due to the problems with security and bombings that Italy encountered in the 1970’s.  They learned some valuable lessons which are still being followed.

And as anyone would whether home or abroad it is wise to stay alert in new areas; be watchful of suspicious activity and report it to authorities immediately.  Maybe staying away from large crowds or big cities at certain times is another way to be safe.  Of course, heeding the recommendations of our State Department could prove important, as well.

So, in conclusion, traveling in these times is a personal choice which means an honest check-in with oneself.  Then, go boldly forth if you choose to travel, with confidence and curiosity for your chosen landing spot!



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