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Greetings on this wonderful springtime morning!  What do you love most about this time of year?  For many, it is a peek at the budding of greenery through the snow, signaling an end to “endless winter”.  To others it is the chance to get back into the ocean as it warms up.

Poppies everywhere

Poppies everywhere

For me it is an annual crossing over the Atlantic to Italy where the vines are still barren but with the promise of grapes to come; spring lambs romping the greenest of meadows; wild asparagus and many foods made with fava beans.  It’s the brightest of red poppies on every hillside and in every crevice where dirt is a possibility.  It’s wildflowers in hues of yellow, orange and lavender.

There may be a few spring showers to assure the land of abundance for the coming harvest season.  There will be more light which inspires more exploration and longer hours in the outdoors.  The time between winter and summer is delightful as it is temperate, neutral so we can stop more often to be quiet.  Hours spent dawdling over cappuccino or Compare are well spent this time of year.  It is a time to be patient, to wait for the full flowering of what is to come in September.  And speaking of September (that season is another entire conversation, itself) there are still some open spots left on tours to this magnificent destination. Check out the dates:  And visit us on FB:

One more announcement:  Italian Excursion has teamed up with Marybeth Gregg at the International Center for Women on Purpose (  We will be hosting our first women’s retreat in Italy in May 2015.   Watch for more details about this.  It will be limited, as usual to a group of ten.



New Wheat

New Wheat

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