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Below you can see one of the messages I received from trip advisor, #tripadvisor, about the reviews I have posted over the years on that site.  WOW, 6,988 people have read my reviews.  How astonishing! And how encouraging, as well. That just proves that this is a necessary travel service.

Many travel websites accept reviews from travelers to boost readership as well as offer helpful tips for travelers.  Personally, I have found them to be quite useful which is why I make the time to add my “two cents”.

Of course, it’s important to understand that everyone has different standards and viewpoints regarding their personal level of approval.  Reading reviews with some discrimination gives one a better perspective for making the best travel choice.  It’s also a good idea to read the most updated reviews as things can certainly change from year to year.

I was quite surprised to find that so many people had read my reviews, not as, #smallgrouptoursitaly, but as Cheryl Alexander. And because it is a great way to acknowledge a business or service I have experienced, I will keep the reviews flowing.  Ciao, Cheryl!

Great news! 6,988 travelers have read your reviews
Hi, Cheryl A
This Monthly Update is all about you. Keep those reviews coming!
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