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2014 marks our 15th year of officially making two trips annually, with guests, to the central regions of Italy.  And we are still as excited about traveling there as the first time we experienced these very special places.  Along the way there have  been a few changes in the way we travel but we are still traveling “slowly” and in small groups.    Every year we find fabulous, unexplored places to add to our itinerary.  An archeological site overlooking a beautiful lake, with at least two different civilizations building atop one another, dating back 4000 years or so; a museum that houses relics going back to the iron age and we have it all to ourselves, docents and all; a small restaurant serving the freshest quail and polenta, with just 5 tables set back in the woods and run by a couple who happen to live upstairs. The best wine and foods Italy has to offer.  Can you imagine such treasure?  We feel lucky that our connections in the area give us access to these wonderful finds.

Yoga in the garden