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Orvieto, Civita Castellana, Bagnoregio, Otricoli, Bomarzo, Lake Bolsena, Caprarola, Bagnaia may not be names familiar to many Italian travelers.  We enjoy seeking out places that are not over-run by tourists, thus we have come up with tours that are “off the beaten track”.  There are times that we are the only visitors to an archeological site or the only English speaking customers in a restaurant.

Roman flooring over Estruscan foundation

Register for your Italian Excursion 2013 tour before the end of 2012 and receive a thank you discount.  Refer a friend to one of our tours and receive a travel money belt that will come in handy for traveling anywhere.  Surprise a loved with the gift of travel this season and make memories that last a lifetime.

Ready to harvest!

The journey of life, whether it is from home or in the world at large, is a wonderful opportunity to spread goodwill to all those we come in contact with.  Italian Excursion sends out wishes of peace, prosperity and health to all  our friends and fellow travelers!

Wow….Christmas red!