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Wow! Ciao!  We have not blogged in quite awhile.  But that’s because we have been re-designing our websites and adding some wonderful things to our tours.  We have been listening to our guests as they ask for more and more “off the beaten track” Italy.  There are new sites to see, new wines to taste and new places to eat.  There are also new lodgings, new lessons and some very interesting people have joined our group to give our guests a even more unforgettable trip to remember.

Kate paints Nepi

Kate paints Nepi

Stay tuned for some of the additional events, places and people we’ve added to enhance your experience of Italy and Italian Excursion tours.

As you can see, we were able to roam the many acres there to our hearts content.  There is another level, just a few steps behind where Kate McCavitt is sitting in contemplation.  We found a couple of the students from a nearby university restoring one of the Roman fresco’s on the wall of a room in someone’s home.  Imagine walking among the ruins of a home where families lived 2-3,000 years before.  If walls could talk……