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Too often people tell me that they would love to go on a trip to Italy with me but that money, or lack of it, is an issue. Wishes won’t manifest travel dreams, of course. But I’m here to tell everyone that if travel is something one is serious about there is a simple exercise to do that could help you find hidden treasure in your bank account!

A cloistered inner garden on Orvieto

In a past life I was a financial planner and I always recommend a simple tool for finding hidden money in anyone’s budget. Simply spend 30 days jotting down each time you spend money on a daily basis. Don’t change your spending habits, just record what you normally spend for a month, no judgement. So, if you made an impulse buy at the register or swerved off the road at the last minute when you saw a Starbucks, just record it, don’t stop yourself from the purchase. At the end of the month add up all the expenses you recorded. Some banks or phone apps have programs to help you with this project.

Just before olive harvest in Massa Martana

It surprises most people that there may be as much as $3-400 spent that they could have lived without. That’s the extra travel money, the hidden treasure for a travel account. If you saved $400 a month for a year, you could come to Italy with us!  Most of our tours include all of your ground expenses and you may have enough rewards or miles to purchase your airline ticket.

Dinner with Giampiero & friends, Porano

So, stop wishing for things to be different just make a conscious effort to have the life you imagine!  A vacation in Italy will give you not only a rejuvenating experience; it will give you a sense of abundance you may have been ignoring.