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Of course, we have shared some of our most loved places to explore in Italy, like Orvieto, Bagnoregio and Viterbo. However, fortunately for all of us, our list of small towns and villages that are quiet, un-touristed and interesting, just keeps growing. Here are a few of our favorites.

Lujnano in Teverina, is set on a wooded hill top, dedicated in ancient Roman times to the Roman God Janus (Jucus Janus, or Lugnano).There is a lovely Romanesque church in its center, called Church of Santa Maria Assunta. It is mentioned in many art books, a gem of the twelfth century and holds some important works of art. There is an alabaster Crucifix of the XV Century and the Crucifixion (Giottesque school), the triptych of Nicolo Alunno (dated 1494). The town hall also hosts a good museum, the Antiquarium, with relics from The Roman villa of Poggio Gramignano.

Not far from here is Amelia, a quiet country town, known in Roman times as Ameria. it’s surrounded by the famous cyclopean walls ( VI Century B.C.)., which you don’t see intact in too many places.

Bagnaia about the same distance from Lugnano but towards the west, houses the Villa Lante, a wonderful, complex summer estate and gardens, nearly 600 years old. The stone statues and numerous working water fountains cool the hot summer days, while one meanders in this timeless place that was once a spot for a pope’s parties.

Italian Excursion pointedly explores the undiscovered regions and sites that bring re-creation to traveling in Italy. We never tire of this wondrous, fascinating country as there is always more to see!


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