wine and food tour itinerary

where are we going?

Wine and Food Tour Itinerary

Where are we going?

Day 1 

After arrival at destination point in Orvieto, we will pick you up and take you to the lovely casita we will stay in for the week.  It’s located in the small village of Castelgiorgio (city may change due to changes in itinerary), not far from Orvieto.  Wine and lunch are the first order of the day, once we’ve settled our luggage into assigned rooms.  Depending on the weather we may dine al fresco but either way that first meal will be unforgettable.  After lunch, a stroll around the house and garden to get oriented and a meeting to become acquainted with the group and get information for the week on schedule changes, etc. A “welcome” dinner at home this evening as most will be tired from traveling, then we can just roll into bed for a good sleep.  Buona notte!

Day 2  

Our first full day begins after some gentle yoga (for those who choose) and a hearty, healthy breakfast. This is “slow travel” and we will be leisurely about getting out each day. By late morning we are ready to head to two local hill towns, Orvieto and Civita d’ Bangoregio. In Orvieto we’ll want to visit the amazing cathedral, said to be one of Italy’s most stunning sites and the Etruscan Museum that house locally found artifacts dating back more than 3500 years. For those of you who don’t mind caves and such, there is also the underground tour which will give a good historical, geographical overview of the region. Lunch will be in Orvieto at a favorite wine bistro, where the freshly prepared tastes will be paired with fantastic Italian wines. Then it’s off to visit the picturesque village of Civita d’ Bagnoregio, noted not only for its antiquity but for its phenomenal views of the area. We will get our exercise for the day with a walk up the footbridge to this amazing little enclave. Returning to our residence late in the afternoon, we will have a rest before dinner, which will be at another of our favorite restaurants nearby.

Day 3 

After yoga and then breakfast we are off again, late morning, for another adventure. This time our destination is Bomarzo where there is a wonderful estate full of medieval stone statuary, perfect for wandering and photos or sketching, if you prefer. We will then drive to Lake Bolsena where there are many marvels to see, not to mention lunch by the lake. Bolsena has it all; the largest and cleanest volcanic lake in Italy, a castle turned museum, a tiny pristine village, a young saint with her own church. We don’t want to miss the Etruscan and Roman ruins where you can see where the first neighborhood was built in this area, complete with wash basins and fresco’s. We will most likely be the only visitors as the site was recently opened and tourists have not yet discovered it. Oh did I mention a little shopping? Since this is such a full day and we will arrive home around dinner-time and might opt to have dinner in.

Day 4 

We’ve had time to get into our rhythm by now and the energy is flowing freely. We are going off to spend the day wine tasting with Mark and Giselle of Gusto Wine Tours. They will give us a guided tour of several Umbrian wineries, with tastings of local cheeses, salumi, and olive oils.  Gusto will not only share these unique, small producers but give us some excellent wine instruction. You will have an opportunity to see the family run farms and wineries that are the mainstay of Italian culture. This is what Italy is all about and it will be a memorable day, guaranteed!

Day 5 

Today we will visit the market farmer’s market in Orvieto to find seasonal, local foods for our cooking lesson. Preparing our lunch is almost as fun as actually enjoying it, once it’s done! A free afternoon for the group is in order after this mouth watering experience which will take up most of our day. Free time after lunch and we will meet up for a light supper, later.

Day 6 

Today, after some yoga and another lovely breakfast, we will travel south about 45 minutes to Otricoli, a small town on the Tiber River whose port was, 2000 years ago, a major exporter of olive oil. Now with only 500 residents it is a sleepy town, surrounded by small farms. It also has acres and acres of Roman ruins rarely visited by anyone. It’s possible we will be its only visitors today! We can roam the ruins then go find a spot for our picnic lunch. After lunch our explorations may take us another on 30 minute drive to Villa Lante in the town of Bagnaia, a pope’s summer residence with exquisite gardens that was created almost 600 years ago. On our way home we may choose to stop in Nepi to see the almost hidden waterfall where much of the delicious water of the region is bottled or possibly stop by the convent that is known for it’s crisp white wines, made by nuns.  There are so many choices in this undiscovered area!

Day 7 

After a final breakfast, our group will be shuttled to the Orvieto train station so you can get on with the next leg of your journey or to the airport if you are leaving the country. We hope this excursion was everything you dreamed and that you will think about joining us again for another adventure in Italy. It is also our wish that you enjoyed sharing these hidden little places with us as much as we have enjoyed sharing them with you.